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Best Student Discounts You Should Know

Being broke is no joke. Here's a short list of some student discounts you should know.
Best Student Discounts You Should Know

What's a benefit of being a broke college student? The fact that you don't have to pay the full price for some of your favourite services.

Note that almost all resources in this list require proof of educational status, either with an official email address from your academic institution or other forms of proof of enrolment. Many also apply for specific participating institutions.

Free trials and student discount offers are especially limited in Quebec after the passing of Quebec's Consumer Protection Act. It is illegal for merchants to automatically charge consumers after having provided limited time discounted offers or free trials, therefore discounted subscriptions for students like Spotify are made unavailable in the province, the subject of a long dispute between the company and the terms set forth by the government.


Apple Music (-50%)
$4.99 / month

Amazon Prime (-50%)
$3.99 / month

YouTube Premium (-42%)
$6.99 / month

YouTube Music (-50%)
$4.99 / month

*Spotify (-50%)
$4.99 / month

Productivity & Education

Microsoft Office (-100%)

G-Suite & Google Drive (-100%)
Free Unlimited Storage

Evernote (-50%)
$4.99 / month

Asana (-100%)
$4.99 / month

Coursera (-100%)
Free for selected courses


Adobe Creative Cloud (-63%)
$25.99 / month

Canva Pro (-100%)
12 months free via GSDP

GitHub Pro (-100%)

Unity (-100%)

Prezi Plus (-50%)
US$3 / month


The New York Times (-90%)
$2.00 / 4 weeks

The Economist (-50%)
$24.00 for the first 12 weeks

Financial Times (-50%)
$3.58 / week

Nature (-5%)
$189 / year


G-Suite and Google Drive discounts are available for participating institutions only.

GSDP = GitHub Student Developer Pack
GitHub partners with many organizations to form one single pack for students mostly interested in web development and programming.

*Spotify student discount is available everywhere except Quebec.
Some services may be unavailable in Quebec due to changes of policies.


Cover photo by Brett Jordan

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