How to Choose the Right University (Canada)

Why Is It Important?

Picking a university is a difficult decision to make, but it is one that can greatly affect your future. It is a crucial part of your academic and career path, and it will open up your doors to many opportunities. Therefore, choosing carefully is something all upcoming university students should do.

Things to Consider

Here is a list of factors to consider when making your choice of university, according to University of Waterloo. This guide follows the general fields of interest outlined in the article. Note that few general models will perfectly fit what individual students should be looking for.


Your university of choice should have the program you want to study, and whether they have catered the program to fit best with what you want for your education.

Canadian university rankings:

How to choose a program/degree :

Tools to help pick a program/career:

Program search:

Cooperative education (co-op):

Bachelor degree search portals:


Depending on whether you want to move away or stay at home for university, the location could play a strong role in choosing a school.

Map of Canadian universities and colleges:

List of universities and colleges:


One of the key things to consider is the necessary finances for each university. Some schools offer incredible financial programs, some don’t. Depending on their financial viability and the resources they offer, it can drastically affect a student’s decision.

Cost guide to major Canadian universities

Listing the main costs of each school for local, domestic, and international students:

Federal information on tuitions:

Provincial information on tuitions and financial support:

Budget calculator:

How to get scholarships and bursaries to help with academic finances:

Arriving soon.


Since students spend a great deal of their time at their school campus, be it in the library or just strolling around, the campus environment can play a part in choosing a university.

Guides to choosing a campus:

Virtual campus tour of all Canadian universities:


If you are planning on moving out for university, the quality of the school’s residency and meal plan program or the off-campus housing market are things to look into as well.

Extracurriculars and student life

Besides academics, it is important to have an enriching experience outside the classroom.

To help you decide where to study, many universities and colleges would publish prospectuses in which they provide information about their student life, clubs and sports, leisure facilities, support for students with disabilities, financial support information, etc.

Career success

It is perhaps most important for a university to well prepare you for your future. Look at whether the school offers career services, professional programs, co-ops, etc.

Comparing schools

How to compare schools:

University comparison tools:

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